A commitment to helping people reach agreement 

Involved in, worried about or wanting to avoid the courts? Mediation and arbitration are better, faster, cheaper and more effective ways for people to solve problems and work through disagreement. Engaged in an ongoing dispute? A firm hand on the tiller through case management or Parenting Coordination can help control costs and anxiety. Having a hard time knowing what to do next? Decision making support may be all you need. 

Suspect that your children are being left out or impacted by conflict? I can provide you both with their views.

Patricia Lane

Patricia Lane

For 35 years I’ve helped people work through contentious, even painful, disagreements.

I have worked with families, estates, personal injury, workplace, wrongful dismissal, labour relations and multi-party land and commercial disputes. I have supported conflict resolution for government, corporations, communities, private individuals and non-profit organizations. I have helped divide business assets, settle First Nation land claims, and resolve conflicts within schools, health care and the Armed Forces. I have helped tens of thousands engage in pan provincial and pan Canadian conversations about tax, health care, climate change, democracy and equality. I have supported litigation teams to keep things on track and have helped workplaces become and stay on mission. I am as comfortable mediating child support as I am with mediating complex tax and public policy issues. I welcome the opportunity to help families work through their separations, divorces, property settlements and parenting issues. Because I have a special interest in children, I offer Parenting Coordination services for those families who just seem unable to make peace.

We can work face-to-face in my dedicated meeting spaces in my comfortable home office. I can also work at your offices. If face-to-face is not practical, I am very comfortable meeting online. The key is to get the conversation started so we can begin exploring every possible path leading toward an outcome that works for you.

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