FOR YOUR CHILDREN - Creating your own co-parenting agreement, a step-by-step guide and workbook

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For Your Children is full of useful parenting advice. Learn about the dangers of dividing your child's loyalties. Learn how to help your child heal from divorce. Learn "emotion coaching", pioneered by Dr. John Gottman, which has been scientifically proven to be the most essential parenting skill in raising happy, successful children into adulthood, even if used by only one parent.

Working alone, with your co-parent and with a neutral anywhere near where you live, you can follow the straightforward steps in this guide to design a parenting plan for your children and both of you. Lots of lawyers and parent assistance agencies in Victoria provide this to their clients who are designing parenting plans.


"A really practical, useful step-by-step guide for co-parents."

"I use this with my clients to help them identify what they can do alone and what they need a third person for."

"I lent one to a client and it hasn't come back!"

"A really useful contribution for people going through one of the most difficult times in their lives - learning how to parent after separation."

"Do you see you or someone you know in this story? Do you ever wish this didn't have to happen? THIS BOOK CAN HELP YOU!"


A Sketch:

I can hear Mom crying downstairs but I know it's because she's mad. Dad called her names when he brought me back from our visit because she asked him where the cheque was. Last week she took me out shopping when she knew Dad was coming over to help me do my homework and they had a big fight over the phone. When they broke up I thought the fighting would stop but it didn't.

When I tried to tell Mom that Dad is always nice to me she got angry and said I loved Dad better than her. Then when I tried to tell Dad I didn't want to tell him about Mom's friends when he asked, he started to cry and said that he knew she was telling me stuff to make me hate him. I get scared when they both start shouting and I want to make it better but I can't because I'm just a kid and nobody listens to a kid.

I like being with Mom and Dad when they're happy. Dad tells me funny jokes and he's so smart and helps me with my homework. Mom and me sing old Beatles songs together and she's teaching me to bake and she reads to me every night. I wish they were nice to each other again, the way they used to be when I was little. Sometimes I think if I wasn't here they wouldn't fight any more. It's only because of me that they have to see each other.


(Free shipping within North America)

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