The support you need to get a settlement
you can live with

In some cases your outcome may require you to obtain a judge and litigate in a court room setting. However, my experience is that this is pretty rare. Generally, people don’t want to leave decision making to a judge who knows little, if anything, about them and is expensive to access.

Most people prefer to have a high degree of certainty about the outcome. If you choose to resolve your issues in a collaborative forum, agreement does not take place unless you agree.

So what’s next?

Everyone needs different kinds of help arriving at acceptable resolution. In my experience, most people don’t need,  or want, long complicated court cases that cost the earth and end up being deeply unsatisfying. If you are a family, these processes really hurt your children and that is usually the last thing any parent wants.

But your case is different. How do you decide how much, 
and what kind of help you need?

I offer a range of services. Perhaps you just need to know where to turn. Look here for a free listing of services you can access yourself. Perhaps you want some informative reading material or to develop some new skills to make yourself a better peacemaker or co-parent. Look here for ideas including some books and short papers and quizzes I have written.

Maybe you want to talk discuss some delicate options with someone. I can support you to make decisions. Look here. If you know you need help talking things through with or without your lawyer mediation is likely a good option. Click here.

If you are in a collaborative process or in complex litigation and things get stuck, I can often help get things moving again and keep them flowing. Click here.

Maybe you need a decision but don’t think the courts are the best place for that. I offer arbitration (click here) which can often be done online using paper submissions or with other adaptations to make the process much cheaper than court and potentially less unpleasant.

If you are separating and your children need a voice (click here) I can also help make that happen.

Finally, if you are amongst the small minority of parents who simply cannot get along and also cannot returning to court, you may benefit greatly from engaging in a Parenting Coordination process. Click here.

The support you need to get a settlement you can live with.