Risk Management

I have helped hundreds of people move towards setting a more neutral tone for their discussions and individual decision making based on working out how to assess choices. I can help people to identify what the “good enough” solution is and to move away from needing it to be “perfect”. I will also support you to actually evaluate and measure to see if you need to redesign a plan once one is implemented rather than just keeping your fingers crossed that everything will work out.

This support can be given in person, or by telephone, or by Skype. 

Quiz For Clients Considering Litigation or Mediation

Here is a quiz/worksheet which is intended to help clients think about risk analysis in the negotiation process.

Effective Risk Assessment Paper

Here is a paper which Patricia presented on May 26, 2006 to the Continuing Legal Education seminar, The Lawyer as Problem Solver. Although presented to other lawyers, this easy-to-read paper offers a detailed outline and analysis of the many challenges that appear in conflict of all kinds.

Use Of Settlement Counsel

A skilled mediator can be of special help to lawyers in managing complex files. Here's how: