I am very pleased to report I now offer Online Parent Coordination. 

I have considerable experience offering this service and find no disadvantage at all! In fact in some cases it is actually preferable to having parents physically in the same room. This is an example of how we can use technology to help and see it as an advantage.

This means that my services are now available to you wherever you live in Canada. 

Please contact me here to inquire further remembering that you will need a written agreement with the other parent or a Court Order to proceed. Samples of these are available on this site under Resources. 


Here are links to other sites you might want to visit in order to get ideas or locate additional resources:

A simple calculator to help Canadians estimate spouse or child support payments:



Victoria's centre for families experiencing separation and divorce:


Searching for a mediator specifically within BC? This is the roster for qualified mediators:


If you're looking for a mediator:


Patricia finds that her family clients benefit from the work of John Gottman - go here to learn more about this man's pioneering work on marriage, families and communication.


This site has an interactive program on parenting wisely:


A helpful and supportive one-stop support office in Victoria, B.C., for separating and divorcing people, with and without children:


The Supreme Court of Arizona has developed some very useful models for parenting plans that can help co-parents work together:


The Supreme Court of Arizona has also developed a booklet to accompany a mandated parenting course for separated or divorced parents. Patricia finds the "Helpful Tips for Parents" (pages 14 - 16 of the booklet) to be readable and helpful:


A couple of other wonderful websites:


Want to take some courses?

Try the South Vancouver Island Dispute Resolution Centre/The Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management: 


The Justice Institute has been offering courses, from beginner to advanced, for many years and has a certification track: 

You may want to phone your local community college and inquire as to whether they offer courses or seminars on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Becoming more competent and confident in dealing with conflict is a gift you give to yourself, your family, your friends, your children - and the world.