Are you having trouble making up your mind about which route to choose; about whether to separate or when; about what kinds of options are best for you; for your kids; for your company, community, or workplace? A couple of hours may well clarify the issues and offer a direction. Learn how to respect all the voices in your head and make good choices based on sound information.

“Sometimes it's just too confusing. I sat down with Patricia and in an hour she had helped me sort through my priorities and I was able to make an action plan. She is wonderfully non-judgemental and not at all interested in blame.”

“Patricia helped me to see what was important to me. Then she pointed me to affordable resources in the community. I was able to move forward.”

How it works:

Learning to hear and respect all of our inner voices: We all encounter various, differing voices in our minds. When we are under stress, sometimes we need a bit of help making sense of them all. Patricia believes all of our voices are important, but that we can be more secure in our decision making once we are able to identify our core self and put them in charge. What is best for us? Is this good for the kids too? Is there another way to see things? Can we work things out in another way with our business partner? Might there be options we haven’t yet thought of? How do we assess them?